Heavy-Duty Portable Rebar Bender



Benner-Nawman DBD-32X Heavy-Duty Portable Rebar Bender

Quick Overview

    Maximum Bending Diameter: 1-1/8" #9 Rebar (29mm) Grade 60
    Bending Angle/Speed: Up to 180 degrees / 8 Seconds
    Voltage/Amperage: 115V 50/60Hz / 12 amps
    Tool Weight: 397 lbs (180 kg)
    Dimensions L x W x H: 23" (590mm) x 24.2" (620mm) x 18.7" (480mm)
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The DBD-32X heavy-duty portable rebar bender helps save valuable man-hours by bending rebar up to #9 (1-1/8") grade 60 at the job site or in your shop. This strong electrical-mechanical bender has two preset angle locks for repeating the same angle bend. The lever-type angle selector can be set to accurately bend any angle from 0-180 degrees. A bend counter with reset, a voltage meter, and two lifting handles are standard features. The DBD-32X portable rebar bender comes complete with set of (7) bending rollers in two steel carrying cases, a tool kit, a bender plastic cover, and a standard foot pedal control switch for hands-free bending. Optional stands and a highway trailer unit are available.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Benner-Nawman
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