Architectural Roof Clip Fasteners

Elco Construction Products

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#2 Phillips, Gray Stalgard, Quantity: 3,000

Quick Overview

    • Eliminates separate drilling and tapping operations
    • Pancake head improves aesthetics and prevents panel dimpling
    • Stalgard coating provides 1000 hours of salt spray resistance (per ASTM B117)
    • Gray Stalgard is ACQ-compatible<
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Specifications :-

Catalog no.DescriptionDrive SystemPoint TypeFinishCarton QuantityCarton Weight
EDO45010-16 x 1"2 Phillips3Silver Stalgard434
EDO46010-16 x 1-1/2"2 Phillips3Silver Stalgard300034
EDO47010-16 x 2"2 Phillips3Silver Stalgard200028
EDO73512-14 x 1"2 Phillips3Silver Stalgard400040
ETA85010-12 x 1"2 PhillipsPierceGray Stalgard400037
ETA85510-12 x 1-1/2"2 PhillipsPierceGray Stalgard300033
ETA86010-12 x 2"2 PhillipsPierceGray Stalgard200027
ETA87012-11 x 1"2 PhillipsPierceGray Stalgard4,00040

The efficiency of self-drilling fasteners and the aethetics of an inobtrusive head are ideal for attaching metal roof clips to metal and wood.

Specifications :-

  • Diameters: 10 to 12"
  • Lengths: 1" to 2"
  • Head Styles: Pancake
  • Drive Systems: Phillips
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Finishes: Silver or gray
  • Stalgard coating
  • Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Elco Construction Products
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