8 Diameter, 2 Phillips Pan Head Stainless Steel Drill Screws


Elco Construction Products

Quick Overview

    • Eliminates separate drilling and tapping operations
    • Fasteners coated with Stalgard finish typically show no red rust or other base metal corrosion on significantsurfaces even after 1000 hours of 5% neutral salt spray exposure (per ASTM B11
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Technical Specifications :-

Catalog no.DescriptionPoint TypeFinishCarton QuantityWeight/Carton
8 Diameter, 1/4" Hex Washer Head
EDA236-I8-18 x 1/2"#2 DrilitStalgard1000036
EDA261-I8-18 x 3/4"#2 DrilitStalgard800037
EDA286-I8-18 x 1"#2 DrilitStalgard500027
8 Diameter, #2 Phillips Pan Head
EDD251-I8-18 x 1/2"#2 DrilitStalgard1000034
EDD266-I8-18 x 3/4"#2 DrilitStalgard1000044
EDD2918-18 x 1"#2 DrilitStalgard800043
10 Diameter, 5/16" High Hex Washer Head
EDB40110-16 x 1/2"#3 DrilitStalgard800039
EDB42610-16 x 5/8"#3 DrilitStalgard6,00045
EDB44610-16 x 3/4"#3 DrilitStalgard6,00047
EFC460-I10-16 x 3/4"#3 DrilitZinc6,00047
EDC45010-16 x 3/4"#1 DrilitStalgard5,00039
EDB48610-16 x 1"#3 DrilitStalgard5,00046
EDB54110-16 x 1-1/2"#3 DrilitStalgard3,00035
EDB57110-16 x 2"#3 DrilitStalgard2,00029

Self-drilling fasteners eliminate separate drilling and tapping operations for faster, more economical installations

Specifications :-

  • Diameters: #8 to 5/16"
  • Lengths: 1/2" to 4"
  • Drill Points: Drilit® forged or Drilltite® dual-processed
  • Drive Systems: Hex and phillips
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Finishes: Stalgard® coating or zinc
  • Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Elco Construction Products
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