1/4" Carbide-Tipped Tanged Drill Bits


Elco Construction Products

Quick Overview

    • For use with hammer drill guns. 5/32 and 3/16" sold in tubes containing 10 bits each; 1/4" bits sold in tubes containing 5 bits each.
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Specifications :-

Cat. No.DescriptionFor Anchor SizeQty. Per Tube
ELT300-0105/32 x 3-1/23/16"10
ELT310-0105/32 x 4-1/23/16"10
ELT320-0105/32 x 5-1/23/16"10
ELT405-0103/16 x 3-1/21/4"10
ELT415-0103/16 x 4-1/21/4"10
ELT425-0103/16 x 5-1/21/4"10
ELT435-0103/16 x 6-1/21/4"10
ELT445-0103/16 x 7-1/21/4"10
ELT460-0051/4 x 4-1/25/16"5
ELT465-0051/4 x 5-1/25/16"5
ELT475-0051/4 x 7-1/25/16"5

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Elco Construction Products
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