Universal Allwik Portable Spill Kits, from SPC, are there for an emergency. The Economy Spill Kit™ is stored in a bright-yellow bag so it's highly visible at all times and can absorb five gallons of liquid per kit. The Attack Pac™ is a single-use kit packed in a silver-color foil bag that's puncture and UV resistant. It absorbs up to seven gallons per each kit.

Quick Overview


  • 10 Pads (15" x 19")
  • 2 SOCs (3" x 4')
  • 1 Disposable Bag
  • Instruction Sheet
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  • Highly visible yellow PVC bag is "just right" for small spills
  • The right price, the right size, and the right value
  • Absorbs up to 5 gallons per kit
  • Accidents happen...Be Prepared with SPC's Emergency Spill Kits
  • Additional Information

    Manufacturer: Logistics Supply
    For More Information on the 5 Gal Spill Kit, [Click Here] to Link to Manufacturer Web Site

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